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Saturable Absorber Mirror Design

We provide you with a one-stop shopping experience for your special semiconductor saturable absorber needs.



Are you having trouble with your legacy (i.e. no longer supported by the original manufacturer) High Q Laser laser system, or would like to have an upgrade?


Laser System


Are you in need of special ultrashort laser systems tailored to your needs?


book an online meeting

to discuss your requirements!

Problem Solving.png

Photonics Problem Solving

Any photonics problems you just cannot figure out?


Write us an eMail

and provide us with your tough nut to crack!

We offer consulting services including:

  • saturable absorber mirror design

  • laser system design

  • laser beam routing

  • photonics problem solving

  • photonics calculations

  • ....

In addition, we are happy to support you in servicing/upgrading your legacy (i.e. no longer supported by the original manufacturer) pico- and femtosecond laser systems from former High Q Laser GmbH.

Please contact us with any photonics problems you might have; we are happy to help you!

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